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Smart Audio Blue-ray Glasses , more than "one pair" of glasses

16times   2022-05-23

The traditional impression of glasses, whether it is for correcting vision, shading and other practical functions to protect the eyes, has only a single function. Nowadays, the global epidemic situation requires wearing a mask when going out. If you wear an extra pair of earphones, and the earphones are covered with dust and sweat in hot weather, you can imagine the burden on those two ears. Fortunately, with the development of science and technology, electronic equipment manufacturers have changed the business model of traditional glasses manufacturers, using standardized temples and detachable front frames to take into account standard parts and individuation, so that the existing Smart Audio Blue-ray Glasses with sunshade, listening to music The two are not delayed, but there is more than one "pair" of glasses.

For a senior glasses party like me, a pair of flat myopia glasses should be replaced every year, and ordinary sunglasses should also be prepared at the same time, which costs a lot. The Smart Audio Blue-ray Glasses contents of the glasses after unpacking are still very full: a pair of front frames, a pair of temples, glasses cloth, glasses case, charging cable, etc.

Let's talk about some functions and usage of this Smart Audio Blue-ray Glasses

Before wearing the glasses, you need to assemble the temple and the front frame. It is very easy to install, but it takes a little force to remove.


From audio quality, this glasses do not play music through earplugs, but a set of semi-open miniature speakers inside the temples for external playback. At the same time, there are physical physical buttons under the temples, which can be used to answer calls with one button. , adjust the music, activate the smart voice assistant in the associated phone and more.

As a simple detachable smart glasses, it also has a considerable anti-blue light function, and its configured lenses can effectively block 99% of the blue light exposed to life and work. Not only that, it also has IP65 waterproof ability, which can cope with unexpected damage such as sweat and rain.

For glasses' design, custom-made slingshot hinges are used for the folded parts of the temples and the front frame, and the temples can be bent by about 8°. A large number of electronic parts are stacked inside the temples, and the sound width moves the weight back and conforms to the human body. Ergonomically curved temples to balance and increase wearing comfort.

You can use this Smart Audio Blue-ray Glasses one pair of glasses for multiple purposes, which is convenient and safe to take with you when driving every day; or hold various video conferences without worrying about earache caused by wearing time; if you are music side shade vacation., you can change your sunglasses while you are at the same time.

The built-in batteries on both sides can support 35 hours of standby time, which is about 5-6 hours of talking and 5-6 hours of listening. The charging speed is also guaranteed, and it can be fully charged in about 2 hours.

I'm excited to see like more Smart Audio Blue-ray Glasses products reach the mass market with clever designs and affordable prices. With the price of a pair of ordinary glasses, you can get the experience of a combination of headphones and glasses, or open surround listening, and the sound wide smart glasses look delicious.