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Plus dancing speaker

09times   2023-11-24

We are China OEM ODM Bluetooth speaker plus manufacturer.Imagine that you and a group of friends are lying on the grass on a sunny weekend, enjoying food and music while a dancing stereo is playing nearby. Do you think this would add a lot of fun to a picnic party?


This dancing Speaker will not only play your favorite music, but also dance with you! Its legs and hands can swing to the rhythm of the music as if it were actually dancing. Whether it is upbeat rock music or dynamic pop songs, the dance sound can accurately match the rhythm of the music, giving you an unprecedented auditory and visual experience.


This dancing Speaker also has a very practical feature - a night light at the top! Whether camping in the wild or partying at home, when night falls, its night lights will light up all around you so that you no longer have to worry about falling or not finding something. Moreover, this night light can also adjust the brightness, allowing you to adjust the light according to your needs.


Our company is China good quality Bluetooth speaker exporter.Charging is also very convenient, only need to charge 4 hours, you can make the dance sound work for 10 hours! This means you can enjoy music and dancing without having to worry about running out of battery. Moreover, the dancing Speaker also supports Bluetooth connection, you can transfer your favorite music to the dancing Speaker through your mobile phone or other Bluetooth devices, and enjoy your music time anytime and anywhere.


Not only that, this dancing Speaker is also very portable, you can carry it anywhere at any time. It is about the same size as an ordinary speaker, and the weight is not too heavy, so you can easily put it in a backpack and take it to a picnic, camping or outdoor party. Whether on the beach or on the top of the mountain, as long as you are accompanied by this dancing Speaker, you can enjoy the fun of music and dancing anytime and anywhere.


Overall, this dancing Speaker is really a very interesting and practical invention. It can add a lot of fun to a picnic party, where hands and legs move to the music as if they are dancing with you. The night light feature on the top allows you to stay at night without worrying about falling or not finding things. Charging 4 hours can work for 10 hours, convenient and worry free. Its portability allows you to carry it wherever you go and enjoy music and dancing. Whether on a sunny lawn or at a campsite at night, a dancing Speaker will be your perfect companion! Now experience this amazing invention and make music and dancing a regular part of your life!