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Outdoor waterproof Bluetooth speaker

14times   2023-12-22

We are China Customized outdoor waterproof speaker manufacturer Outdoor waterproof Bluetooth speaker is an indispensable companion in modern life. Its TWS feature allows users to connect two speakers simultaneously for true stereo sound. This speaker has five levels of water resistance and can be used freely in outdoor environments. It is made of ABS and Fabric, which not only guarantees the durability of the sound, but also gives it a stylish look.


This speaker uses advanced charging technology and can be used for 2-4 hours after only 2-3 hours of charging. This means that users can be fully charged in a short time and continue to enjoy high-quality music. At the same time, this audio also supports the charging bank function, which can provide emergency charging for other devices, which is very practical.


ABS material provides excellent durability and impact resistance. Whether in outdoor activities or on the road, users can be assured of use. The Fabric adds a stylish touch to the sound. It is both beautiful and comfortable, not only can be integrated with the outdoor environment, but also allow users to feel high-quality music enjoyment.



This outdoor waterproof Bluetooth speaker has attracted many users with its excellent performance and stylish appearance. Whether in the outdoors or on the road, it can bring users a high-quality music experience. The design of ABS and Fabric not only ensures the durability of the sound, but also adds a sense of fashion to it. Charging 2-3 hours can be used for 2-4 hours, it is convenient for users to use. This stereo is not only a good companion for outdoor activities, but also a must for fashion life.


This product enables users to enjoy a high quality music experience while on the road, outdoors or indoors. This long-lasting battery life provides users with longer use time without frequent charging, which brings great convenience.