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How to use sound rate in different speaker

09times   2023-02-13

Speakers can be divided into full-band speakers, subwoofer and subwoofer according to the sound rate.

The so-called full-band speaker refers to a speaker that can play in the low frequency, medium frequency and high frequency range. The lower limit frequency of full-band speakers is generally 30~60Hz, and the upper limit frequency is 15~20kHz. (If you have a need for bass, please add a bass speaker. Full-band speakers may not meet your taste buds.) But in general small and medium-sized audio systems, only one or two pairs of full-band speakers can complete the playback task.

Bass speakers and subwoofer are generally used to supplement the low-frequency and ultra-low-frequency playback of full-band speakers. This kind of speakers are generally used in large and medium-sized audio systems. Large and medium-sized speakers do not represent non-household audio systems. Luxury home theaters need this feeling to strengthen the strength and shock of low-frequency playback. When in use, most of the low frequency signals are sent to a special bass power amplifier after being divided by an electronic frequency divider (divider), and then the bass or subwoofer is pushed.