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Headsets speakers advantages and disadvantages

13times   2023-03-20

Headsets, unlike in-ear headphones, do not need to go deep into the ear canal to be used. The sounding unit covers the auricle and is commonly used as HI-FI. A headset consists of a transmitter and a headset with a signal receiving and amplifying device. The headset is usually a moving-coil type. The transmitter is connected with the signal source, and the parts to improve the sound quality and adjust the sound color are located in the transmitter before access stage and headphone amplifier. Headsets offer greater comfort than in-ear headphones.

1. Advantages and Disadvantages

(1) Advantages

Headsets generally sound better than in-ear headphones. To achieve natural listening effect, the human ear needs to go through the role of the external ear, and in-ear headphones directly inject sound into the ear canal, cancelling the effect of the external ear, so the sound will be unnatural. Headsets, especially those with large earmuffs, restore this process to some extent, so the sound is relatively

More natural

The sound field is also better

. But the authenticity and naturalness of a speaker's sound are better than those of a headset.


2. Compared to in-ear headphones, headsets avoid chafing the ear canal, are more comfortable and can be worn for a relatively longer time.
(2) Shortcomings

While headsets are usually designed to be enclosed or semi-enclosed for better soundproofing, they are

Sound insulation performance

Still no match for in-ear headphones that penetrate deep into the ear canal.

2. Headsets with good sound insulation usually have the problem of tight chuck and poor comfort.

3. In terms of wide frequency response, low distortion and excellent parsing, high-end in-ear headphones provide better detail performance than headsets [3].

4. Headsets are not easy to carry because of their relatively large size.